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  • Hours per week 1-3

  • Levels 6

  • American English

Beep is based on the principle that all language-learning situations should be meaningful and relevant to the students’ own worlds, real or imaginary. Students bring diverse abilities and experiences to the classroom and learn at different rates, so they are actively encouraged to support each other and cooperate through pair and group work, to allow everyone to participate, whatever their level. A wide variety of activities like surveys, questionnaires and personalized writing brings children’s lives into the classroom, while songs, chants, role plays, stories, games and tongue twisters cater to different learning styles and intelligences, helping children develop different competences.

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With Beep, students will:

  • explore different curriculum areas through CLIL lessons.
  • focus on phonics and specific letter-sound relationships with audio pronunciation models, comic strips, tongue twisters and Phonics Worksheets.
  • learn to empathize and identify with characters, develop reading and writing skills, and improve linguistic competence through stories and Literacy lessons.
  • support and encourage each other in pair and group work.
  • make creative crafts to consolidate concepts.

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Components and resources

Student’s Book & Activity Book

Audio CD

Playing Cards


Learn more about Beep: Student’s Book & Activity Book

The Student’s Book and Activity Book combo is divided into eight units, following the sequence set out below. Literacy development plays a central role, with a broad range of text-based activities to establish and strengthen literacy skills. The stories in lessons 4 and 7 are a main focus of each unit, with exciting or funny plotlines and appealing characters to engage children in the narrative – and most importantly, they act as a vehicle for introducing or recycling core language, providing clear language models and making contexts meaningful.

Learn more about Beep: Audio CD

The students’ CD contains recordings of all the stories, songs, chants, tongue twisters and listening exercises from the Student’s Book, and the Picture Dictionary tracks from the Activity Book section. Letter-sound pronunciation in English is a big challenge, so the CD acts as an important pronunciation model for new language and phonics activities. Children can leave the CD at home, where they need it, and we encourage parents to get involved and listen together with their children. They can download the audio in MP3 format from the RLP, too.

Learn more about Beep: Playing Cards

The Playing Cards (in levels 1-4) are mini-versions of the Flashcards, for children to use in review games. In levels 1-2, they come with Stickers, which the children use to complete some of the Student’s Book activities. You have PDF versions on your Resource CD (and they are also available on the RLP)

Learn more about Beep: RLP

Students can download the complete course audio; and also access a digital version of the Student’s Book and Activity Book with the audio embedded, so they can listen as they work through the pages by clicking on the audio icon by the instructions. They can zoom in to any area, and also write in answers, color and match with the intuitive tools in the toolbar, both in the Student’s and Activity Book sections. There are online versions of the class Posters and Flashcards, too, as well as a Beep Puzzle!

Teacher’s Book

Class Audio & Resource



Digital Book


Learn more about Beep: Teacher’s Book

Your interleaved Teacher’s Book gives you step-by-step instructions for presenting each lesson, including Activity Book pages and Evaluations. From boxes summarizing Objectives, Target Language and Materials, through the Getting Started activity, to Finishing Up, we take into account answers and listening scripts, and also explain where to introduce the Flashcards, Posters, and other resources like Worksheets. In the book introduction, the indispensable Beep Activity Bank suggests plenty of ways to get the most out of these different resources, and we also cover background information on methodology and competences.

Learn more about Beep: Class Audio & Resource

The Class Audio contains recordings of all the stories, songs, chants, and listening activities, as well as the Picture Dictionary tracks from the Activity Book section. The Resource CD has photocopiable Phonics Worksheets, and Tests and answer keys for every level, and in levels 1-4, photocopiable Arts & Crafts activities and Playing Cards, too. In levels 5 and 6, the additional resources are photocopiable Language Worksheets.

Learn more about Beep: Flashcards

Flashcards illustrate the target vocabulary in every unit, to help you present new words and language. Your Teacher’s Book explains when and how to use them, and gives plenty of suggestions for using them in games, too! The Beep Puppet is included in levels 1-2 – you can laminate him before putting him together!

Learn more about Beep: Posters

The Posters are double-sided. They present the key unit vocabulary in a scene, for context, and the unit tongue twister. In levels 1 and 2, the other side features the Beep’s World! story, and levels 3-6 show the unit Review pages in poster size, encouraging whole class activities. In addition, levels 3 and 4 have cutout vocabulary speech bubbles to display in class or use in games, while levels 5 and 6 also have grammar posters to help students review the new unit grammar. Your Teacher’s Book explains how to use the Posters.

Learn more about Beep: Digital Book

Please see the RLP for teachers.

Learn more about Beep: RLP

You can download the complete course audio, and use the digital version of the Student’s Book and Activity Book to project on a classroom smartboard, with the audio embedded so you can all listen as you work through the units. You can access the Posters and Flashcards, too, for a complete whole-class experience. The digital Teacher’s Book is for you to customize: using the intuitive, functional toolbar, it’s easy to prepare lessons, improve presentations and modify to your own and your classes’ style.

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